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Company profile


 KYLIN KING LIMITED is a high-tech electronic company, which is located in ShenZhen,China.
Shenzhen is the Chinese TOP city  which is farmous for its technology electronics production, like Apple, Samsung,Huawei,Sony,Lenovo,Dell,HP etc,They all have production centres in Shenzhen.

   KYLIN KING is specialized in developping and selling innovative electronics gadgets. As we have powerful factories, strong technology, good devices and good team, We can easily develop and produce new hot electronics items in good quality, Now we can supply VR and AR products,Smart Transport, like hoverboard, hovershoes, electric scooter. We also make new innovative gadgets and phone accessories, to bring surprise to the world, We just want to offer High-quality products to our customers, We always want to do better than others in market,TO BE THE KING is our goal!

   In the whole Shenzhen and other cities in China, We have several factories, With excellent 130-people technology team, 1000-people production lines and more than 260-people sales team in the whole China, We supply our quality products to our customers all over the world, We always create and catch the technology trend, like the latest tech product, Qi wireless charger, robot gadgets,etc

   From 2015, we started to develop hoverboard, From 2016, We made 3D VR headset,which is the first year of an era for VR product. We also make all kinds of tech gadgets or accessories for smartphones, 

   We will always offer high-quality products and high-quality services for our customers, We want to be different! We want to be the King!

Our Philosophy:
  Let our clients be succussful firstly, then we will be succussful.

Our Advantages:
      1.Perfect quality; 2. Competitive price; 3.Fast reply. 4. Fast delivery. 5.Guaranteed warranty. 

Our Motto:
        To be perfect

Our Corporate Values:
     1.Honesty;  2.Efficiency;  3.Simpleness;  4.Perfection

Our Mission:
      Bring surprise to the world

Our Vision:
      To be a really perfect company in the world!




Service Hotline: +86 15889792308