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The hottest year AR/VR CITE 2016

Publish:KYLIN KING LIMITED  Time:2016-05-12
  With the birth of the Google glasses and a series of high-tech products to the real life, let the augmented reality really available, VR (AR) and AR (virtual reality) science technology level and disruptive market towards the opening. On CITE 2016, AR/VR this year the most popular technology will also be pleasantly surprised, in the industry to CITE 2016 AR/VR products will show concern and discussion, reached an unprecedented height.
  April 8 to 10, 2016, the 4th China electronic information fair (CITE 2016) will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. China electronic information expo is Asia‘s largest electronic information fair, most complete industry chain of electronic information fair, the content of the most abundant information class exhibition, influence, improve the fastest electronic information fair, preliminary established the status of industry bellwether. China electronic information expo actively focus on industry development trend, the China electronic information exposition introduced AR/VR technology products, "with the development of real-time 3 d modeling technology, AR and VR may on the path of integration development, AR/VR as a big trend of the development of our common concern." Organizers.
  Disruptive technology AR/VR
  The most popular AR/VR CITE2016
  At present, VR (AR) and AR (virtual reality) is still two different techniques, VR is all false, false, false elements, everything all want to depend on computer technology; AR half-truths, use mobile phone camera to see the real scene, for example, when you see a real elements, triggering a program, to enhance the experience. Virtual reality (VR) can be widely used in medicine, entertainment, military, aerospace, interior design, real estate development, industrial simulation, emergency deduction, cultural relics, game, etc; Augmented reality (AR) applications include such as the development of sophisticated weapons and aircraft and development, the data model of visualization, virtual training, entertainment and art, medical research and the anatomy of the training, map navigation and so on.
  Have predicted, points out that the AR/VR technology is after smart phones, another is likely to overturn the whole electronic industry of new technologies, new products. Research firm ABI Research forecasts: over the next five years, virtual reality and augmented reality equipment will cause rapid growth, with virtual reality devices annual compound growth rate of 106%, augmented reality equipment annual compound growth rate of 78%. At present, companies have rushed to introduce their own cutting-edge AR/VR products, Microsoft with HoloLens hold up the standard in the field of augmented reality; While players in the field of virtual reality more: not only have Facebook‘s OculusRift, samsung GearVR, Google‘s Cardboard, HTC HTCVive, SONY‘s ProjectMorpheus and nokia‘s latest OZO camera, science and technology in domestic also has such as storms, ant depending on science and technology, the meizu actively explore in the field of virtual reality.
  CITE 2016 power AR/VR technology popularization
  4th China electronic information exposition around the theme "innovation, intelligence, integration", divided into CITE, photoelectric display pavilion, theme pavilions intelligent manufacturing and 3 d printing pavilion, pavilion robot and intelligent system, health and a guest hall, electronic instrument and equipment department, lithium electricity new energy, electronic components pavilion 8 display area, intelligent life, information security, intelligent terminals, smart cars, software and the Internet, such as integrated circuit 21 professional exhibition, exhibition area and 2000 square metres of a guest, show intelligent hardware, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, wearable devices, the family, the wisdom city, integrated circuit, high-end components, special components, new energy, electronic instrument and equipment, information technology is the key industry applications such as electronic information development of whole industry chain, is China‘s electronic information industry the most authoritative platform.
  Organizers said, CITE 2016 will continue to strengthen the role of new product new technology, to strengthen the promotion of excellent innovative products, hard for entrepreneurs to build a bigger display communication platform. At the same time, CITE 2016 shows the latest development and achievements, industry to promote the industry further exchanges and cooperation, the latest development of research industry trends, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, enhance attract and configuration of global resources play an important role. "AR/VR and the industry of the display of the latest product of the development prospects in the field of debate, is one of the highlights of the exhibition."
  AR/VR interaction of the progress of experience, can provide immersive experience, is the present smartphone far cannot achieve level; Fields with both contains degrees, if its mature technology, which make the industry, the industry transformation of energy is difficult to measure. But like all emerging industries, AR/VR development will encounter from aspects of industry chain, the development, the market difficulties and pressure.
  CITE 2016 for AR/VR in the exploratory stage how to crack development is difficult and the lack of the content problem industry experts will be organized to discuss, will be held in "VR era: the new consumption, entertainment, new economy" as the theme of "BBS" virtual reality industry development, invite industry departments, experts and industry in the forefront of media sharing industry progress, industry development is discussed, and jointly promote the virtual reality technology and product innovation, cultivate the audiovisual industry a new growth point. In new consumption, entertainment, new economic development mode, with international perspective to the overview, show the VR industry chain, discusses the current situation of the development of virtual reality and the hotspot technology trends, new consumer application scenarios, business model, industry bottleneck problem solution, the meeting will also be launched in the process of establishment of virtual reality industry association, "China, form a complete set of" virtual reality interaction carnival "exhibition will showcase the tourism of virtual reality, real estate, panoramic content services, secondary yuan/home outfit, video, game, health care, education, films, rich content, such as 3 d virtual reality simulation platform to boost AR/VR technology popularization.
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