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Why is virtual reality manufacturers glasses all love do?

Publish:KYLIN KING LIMITED  Time:2016-05-12
  If one day, I do not love formula can stand in the corner with you‘ve come to see the car roared out my heart, there is next to the audience excited shouts, even to accurately describe each row of the stands. Please don‘t strange, maybe I‘m just at home wearing virtual reality goggles "feel" the scene.
  Why is wear glasses, rather than with other equipment experience?
  "Virtual reality devices inside the industry also has a lot of the direction of the segment, has special research motion capture and body feeling. The glasses is a key. This is necessary to have the ability to experience a virtual reality scene, something other alternative to be slightly stronger." Shanghai le worm technology CEO hui "first financial daily" reporter interview, said le worm science and technology is a company engaged in research and development of virtual reality goggles, etc.
  Glasses can make people vision completely surrounded, can provide fully immersive, so it is the most easy to let a person have "false or true true and false" illusion.
  1 can‘t be replaced by open hole 3 d
  Mentioned here is how the reality into the virtual scene. In order to feel the scene shooting, hui also specially to reporters picture shows how can 360 degrees equipment - that is offer the seven Gopro camera together long pole, every camera in different directions, guarantee form annular cover, finally made a multi-angle software processing images. Hui said, they can provide smaller civilian 360 ° filming equipment, there is only one table tennis.
  After finishing the content acquisition, on the phone player by playing side to do the reverse process, find a proper Angle of view (FOV) will be the picture back into a ball. With hui word is "people dancing in 2 meters outside, after reduction is dancing in 2 meters outside, so just have a look at the scene of that kind of feeling".
  The realization of this kind of feeling comes from the requirement of virtual reality glasses: the view Angle must be greater than 90 degrees, to form a whole view of coverage; The resolution of the monocular to at least 1 k * 1 k pixel level, otherwise you will see the Mosaic on the screen. At this moment your scene to have the sense; Time delay is less than 20 milliseconds, in order to reduce wear makes vertigo. Specific to each there will be more detailed requirements, such as the joy of the worm SVR Glass can be closer to the human eye vision are round, because of considering the rectangular vision when the eye movement easy to see the black edge.
  In addition, this kind of feeling is a "dot", temporarily could not be change as your path to change.
  Is only this point has been full of business opportunities. For example, you cannot experience the best location in the theater, to a concert also have no money to buy the VIP box, but with the glasses, in that position, someone give you record, you will feel the real scene.
  But this didn‘t also is glasses-free 3 d technology want to provide?
  "Feeling is not the same. From the concept of the screen, a watch, is the smallest screen in the larger is the mobile phone, PC, smart TV, again a little bit big movie screen, which is a bigger screen, equivalent to 2 meters outside the 200 - inch screen, can with you in the head position in front of you, always can‘t out of the scene inside out, this is outside there is no way to do it, unless it‘s an film, but it also need to be in the position of a particular point of view, will not be able to like at home." Hui said.
  Because of this, hui judgment video will be early spread faster application direction, and "virtual reality glasses now mainly use to see 3 d movie. 3 d is a need, but not enough to reach the effect of a shock. And from the point of view of industrial chain, the game is "path is longer, the investment of resources, capital, human will be more, also need more external devices to cooperate".
  Experience with manufacturing "contradiction"
  Preview of the experience of the virtual reality in the future may be like testing travel route is really you want to visit; Angles may be a good time to recall, such as the wedding the couple had a chance to experience their own wedding; from the Angle of the guests present Or panoramic concerts and live in the best game experience perspective, and all of these are value-added service, not replace.
  If along this train of thought, the new direction of the future may be AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) : the combination of full view of form, camera through real-time 3 d modeling, the display of real stack again. Just like in the scene of the object topped with special effects. Such as tomb raider scenario can walk into, the desks and chairs in real space is still there, but the table with glasses tablets could become covered with moss.
  But now the AR glasses is not so high. Last September, SONY released "SmartEyeglass" product, the intelligence of the transparent lens glasses can be connected to the adaptation of smart phones, and the information such as text, ICONS and images superimposed display to the user‘s view. This product‘s goal is "to analyze the surrounding environment, and based on the environment shows that unexpected useful information by the user."
  Reflect light SmartEyeglass lenses using the holographic technology, can display the information within the scope of the user view. Usually, transparent lenses used has a translucent mirror of production process. However, the size of the holographic product production has certain difficulty. Product research and development team is responsible for the peoples armed chuan Yang once said: "in 2007, we made can display full color gamut and image of the manual prototype, but the size of the holographic production still plague us, a few times and even that is endangering the survival of the project."
  Although these greatly enriched the user experience, but also can bring disputes, especially on some extreme experience feelings, such as death.
  "This will not be pursued by the mass effect, is a scientific research and clinical application on medicine more, or a stunt for ordinary people. For ordinary consumers is the combination of technology and art, and another is the combination of technology and medicine. Average consumer experience not done very terror." Hui said.
  What‘s more, from the perspective of industry development, the expansion of the virtual reality devices also faces many of the bottleneck.
  "Now is not the final product form. You also need to wait for upstream suppliers, enough for the screen resolution is higher, for example, factory to provide specialized chip, etc., to the whole industry chain ripening of the market. And for manufacturers, products of different market direction, you can do is smaller, more comfortable to wear. Now put 2 hours is not enough, at most is 20 minutes." As head of 20 people team, hui doesn‘t hurry rush to make money, but the first to open the market, cultivate the seed users, "with 100000 users can talk about profit model".
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