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About Phone

S5-Solar powerbank, solar power bank, solar travel powerbank, waterproof powerbank, 10000mah,Outdoor Powerbank with led flashlight, LED light powerbank,Solar Backpack Charger,

Solar power bank
Home use
Outdoor use
Travel use

  • Specification:

    Battery Type:Li-polymer battery
    Battery Capacity:Real Capacity 8000/10000MAH
    Output:5V/1A, 5V/2.1A
    Operating temperature:-10-40 °C
    Storage temperature:-20-50 °C
    Color:Yellow, Green, Blue, Red
    Support:Cell phones, MP3/MP4, PSP, camera, GPS
    Safety protection:OVP ,ODP ,OCP ,SCP

    Product Features:

    1. 100% brand new and high quality.
    2. Built-in 10,000mAh high capacity rechargeable Lithium polymer battery. Powerful long operation time.
    3.Compatible with mobile phone, tablet, camera, Bluetooth speaker, GPS, USB digital devices and most 5V input electronic devices.The 2 USB ports can charge two devices at the same time.
    4.Waterproof & dustproof & crashproof.
    5. LED Flashlight & SOS emergency flashlight Function
    6. Long lifespan; more than 1000 times the charging and discharging protection.
    7. Adavanced intelligent protection chip: Overcharge protection,  Discharge protection, Overload  protection, Short circuit protection, Leakage protection and heavy security protections.
    8. Portable, Safe and reliable; perfect for using on travelling and outdoor/indoor activities. Flashlight & emergency flashlight, compact & portable design, easy to hold; feel good in hand; universal compatible.
    9.Built-in Compass: Built-in Compass will be greatly helpful if got lost in outdoors!
    10.It can be charged at home too as the normal power bank


    *Built-in 10000mAh high capacity lithium polymer battery equipped with a compact solar panel, which could recharge the battery itself under sunlight for emergency purpose while outdoor. It‘s a useful and helpful tool for camping, hiking or other outdoor activities.
    *Built-in Compass: Built-in Compass will be greatly helpful if got lost in outdoors!
    *Waterproof & dustproof & crashproof.
    *Dual USB Charger Ports: can charge two devices simultaneously, anti-explosion, lightweight, compact and reliable. Long lifespan with more than 1000 recharging times. Charge two devices at the same time while on the go, providing you with the fastest charging speed.
    *LED Flashlight/Emergency Light as distress signal-distinctive help function: More heartwarming is the LED light, which has two modes, steady light and strobe.The LED flashlight works perfectly in darkness, especially for emergency. Just press the button twice, the LED will light up for steady flashlight mode. Single press under steady mode, LED light cycles through strobe and rapid strobe,flashing as emergency signal; Twice press, the LED will be off. Power-saving, long press the power button on any mode can turn it off.
    *Superior portability compact design,easy to hold in hand and put anywhere as your want; Easily hang it on your backpack with the included hook, hands-free on the go. Suitable for a wide range of occasions like flights, parties, BBQ and outdoor activities. Both sides designed by the shape of human body hand, not easy to fall. Packed with a hanger with compass, can clip or hang on the clothes, convenient and easy to carry.
    *Multiple Protections: 5 intelligent protection systems ensure long lifespan with more than 1000 recharging cycle, providing Overcharge protection,  Discharge protection, Overload  protection, Short circuit protection, Leakage protection and heavy security protections.
    *Special Charging indicator: five pilot lamps indicate the status of power bank timely.Two alternative charging manners, making charge by adapters with blue pilot lamp on, while charging via sunlight with green pilot lamp on.
    Kindly note the solar panel is only design for emergency, not a primary source of charging. Solar is mainly for topping off the unit.So it is recommended to charge the power bank using electricity.




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