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Smart Wheels

ES-Escooter,Electric Scooter,electric folding scooter ,smallest size scooter,self balancing electric scooter,E-scooter with Bluetooth speaker

Smart electric scooter
New model
New function

  • Specification:

    Folding way :  four refolding smallest size scooter
    Tire Size : 5.5 inch / PU wheel
    Battery: 18650 battery cells
    The battery disassembly mode is self-locked
    Battery Capacity:  24V
    Charging Voltage : AC 110-240V
    Motor Capacity:Powerful motor : 200W* 2 pcs
    Waterproof Resistant:IP54
    Max. Speed:25km /hour
    Max. Range: 9-15 km per charge
    Max. Load:20-150Kg/ 44- 330 lbs
    Climb Angle:14 o maxium
    Colours options:Black / White
    Chassis Ground Height:136mm
    Net weight:9kg /19lbs
    Gross weight:14kg
    Main body size after folding:620*120*259mm
    Open size:926*410*1012mm

    Applicable terrain:
    Cement asphalt pavement
    flat soil pavement
    no more than 1cm steps
    no more than 3cm wide channel


    1. The battery box removable with self-locked mode
    2. Bluetooth speaker function
    3. USB charging port on battery box
    4. Powerful LED lead light
    5. LCD panel displays the current speed, mileage, power and other information
    6. Safety alarm lamp on tail
    7. Aluminum alloy, anti-slip foot pedal
    8. Electronic brake with your finger.
    9. Adjust the speed with your finger
    10 .ABS material handlebar is foldable
    11.Electronic brake, mechanical brake double protection
    12 . Allowed on Sub-way and Buses
    13. Compact to fit into car boot
    14. Smallest packing size save the shipping cost
    15. Shock Absorber
    16. adjust the height according the hight of your body
    17. Smallest size 0.036cbm to save shipping cost
    18. Take 2 people with long and Aluminum alloy pedal
    19.Chassis Ground Height: 136mm, enjoy your journey


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