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New model of VR headset-X5

Publish:KYLIN KING LIMITED  Time:2016-08-22
Last week, We developped a new model of 3D VR headset, that is called X5, belongs to the series "VR PARK"
The quality of this model almostly is better than all the other Virtual reality glasses from China.

Let‘s know about this perfect gadget:

The lens of this vr headset are perfect, which is made of special material and way, it is called melanin, they are very clear,when we use this 3D VR glasses, we will not feel any Dizzy, this is the exclusive parent! It is made firstly by our company!
Even the people with 1200 degree myopia can use it very well!
about the material of this virtual reality headset, It is Environmental and original ones.
in addition the design of this one VR device is really nice,simple,and user-friendly.
It has smaller size, and less weight, which is convenient to be carried with you
The price is really low, partner will benifit more from our quality and prices.

You can also buy our bluetooth remote control to match it, to let you control the phone without taking off your VR glasses, to let you enjoy the VR games

Here we show you some photoes:

remote controller/gamepad: we have serveral models of remote to match our vr helmet.


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